Godfather ipsum dolor sit amet. Hey, listen, I want somebody good – and I mean very good – to plant that gun. I don’t want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright? Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. I see you took the name of the town. What was your father’s name? What’s the matter with you, huh? What am I going to do? Am I going to make that baby an orphan before he’s born? What’s wrong with being a lawyer?

I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them, as you can see. They talk when they should listen. I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart! It’s not personal. It’s business. Friends and money – oil and water. I’m your older brother, Mike, and I was stepped over!

This one time, this one time I’ll let you ask me about my affairs. It’s an old habit. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men. Vito, how do you like my little angel? Isn’t she beautiful? Very well. You want to do business with me. I will do business with you. Is that why you slapped my brother around in public?

I don’t like violence, Tom. I’m a businessman; blood is a big expense. My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator. My father taught me many things here – he taught me in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

I want your answer and the money by noon tomorrow. And one more thing. Don’t you contact me again, ever. From now on, you deal with Turnbull. If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone. When they come… they come at what you love. Don’t you know that I would use all of my power to prevent something like that from happening?

What’s the matter with you? Is this what you’ve become, a Hollywood finocchio who cries like a woman? “Oh, what do I do? What do I do?” What is that nonsense? Ridiculous! Mr Corleone is Johnny Fontane’s godfather. Now Italians regard that as a very close, a very sacred religious relationship. In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. We’re both part of the same hypocrisy, senator, but never think it applies to my family. My father’s name was Antonio Andolini… and this is for you.

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